Your guide to buy a property

We, at Promeo S.L., would like to help you choose the property that suits your needs the most. Are you sure about the house of your dreams? Are you sure you can afford it? We assume you've got at least a slight idea of what you're looking for, but regardless, we'd like to talk to you in person, to make sure you're taking the right decision.

We would like to talk about two cases that happened in the past, so you can understand our precaution a little better:

1st case

A couple of years ago we had some clients that were looking for a villa, with a garden and a swimming-pool. So we showed them everyhing that fit these characteristics. Alter showing them the first villa, we already realizad that this was not the kind of property that they really needed, as they were an older couple, and they would have had trouble maintaining this spacious villa with its big garden.

After showing them all villas they wanted to see, the couple was a bit disappointed as they didn't fall in love with any of the villas they saw. So we suggested showing them something completely different, and they agreed to see a nice apartment with a big terrace, sea views, and a community swimming-pool. They immedialtely loved it and ended up buying it. They assured us that this was what they've been dreaming about.


2nd case

This example is about an English family with 2 kids. Initially they liked a small apartment on the hill with sea views, but it didn't have a garden nor a swimming-pool. And of course, the kids needed their room to play and have fun, and there's nothing better than a garden with a swimming-pool (especially when on vacation). The parents knew they didn't want to take the car every 2 minutes to drive the kids to the beach. Thanks to our advices, the family bought a house which is divided into two parts, and they're renting one of these parts, making some money extra, while living in the other part. It has a swimming-pool and a garden too! And thus, making the whole family more than happy.


Now let's test your vocabulary:

It happened more than once that there've been misunderstandings because clients mixed up the concepts. So let's review some of the common vocabulary.

  • Adosado: Is a house which has one other house on each of its sides.
  • Apartment: An apartment is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building.
  • Ático: The highest standing apartment in a block or building.
  • Bungalow: Bungalows are like houses with flat roofs. They're usually build in form of "stairs", one on top of the other.
  • Chalet: Can stand for "independent house", "adosado" or "pareado".
  • Finca: Is a terrain, and it does not necessarily include a housing. There are serval types of fincas:
    • Rustic:  Are these which are far away from the urban area, and they were used by agricultors. There are special regulations when it comes to constructions.
    • Urban: Are the ones inside the urban area, ready for construction.
    • Industrial: Are the ones inside industrial/comercial areas.

    You have to be very careful at the time of buying a finca, especially if it's a rustic finca. You have to be absoluely sure about where the boundaries are, and if it has water and electricity (or the possibility to obtain). Who is the rightful owner, and if it's legal to build on it (and how much), etc... This is why we, Promeo S.L., don't sign any contracts without being 100% sure of everything.

  • Local: Can be any place where it's legal to establish a commercial premise.
  • Nave: Grandes almacenes industriales.
  • Villa: Villas are independent houses, which are more luxury than "normal" houses. But since everybody has a different opinion about what's luxury and what not, there are often misunderstandings at the time of deciding whether a house is a villa or not.

The client's satisfaccion

This is of course our primary concern. We hope we helped you a little bit with our guide. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We've been in this business for two generations now, and we have a lot of experience which we'd like to share with you.

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